We Sweat the Small Stuff

Evident is a leader in commercializing quantum dot semiconductor nanomaterials and products enabled by these materials.

We are pioneers in advancing quantum dot technologies for product development. Evident's core technology has initiated some of the most ground-breaking applications available and has transformed numerous markets.

Evident's latest market is thermoelectrics and we are invested its advancement. Our mission is simple - to convert semiconductor nanocrystal technology to compelling TE market opportunities.

At Evident, our focus is commercialization. We develop innovative products, solutions, and technologies. We form partnerships that provide access to our breakthrough technology and extensive patent portfolio. We have sold commercial products such as LEDs and Life Sciences products since 2003. With 65-plus patents and patents pending, we are a trusted industry leader and a partner-of-choice at the forefront of innovation.

Evident's team of scientists, researchers, and product developers offer a low-risk way to